RoleArt direction, UX-UI and web development

SpecsWordpress, Headless, PHP

NELMAR Secure Packaging Systems Inc. is a Quebec company specialized in the production and distribution of tamper-evident packaging. Thanks to its constant research for the most innovative methods, especially with the line of tamper-evident security bags, the company is one of the biggest players in its field with customers from all over the world.

The mandateAs a creative agency, LEEROY was mandated for the complete redesign of NELMAR's website. The goal was to build a platform that is easy to use, aesthetically pleasing and meets the desired UX needs. Three axes had to be put forward for this redesign: the industries served by NELMAR, the different packaging products as well as the visibility of the manufacturing and distribution process. These axes were selected in order to propel NELMAR as a transparent and accessible brand to the consumer.

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In the pursuit of a improved user experience, the content of the website was synthesized and readjusted for a simpler and more enjoyable navigation. The types of products have been presented in order to adapt to various industries. NELMAR products were a true source of inspiration for the design of the site, creating a concordance between the site and the products offered. NELMAR's new image has now been modernized and adapted to the new challenges of the company.

One of the objectives of the website is to promote NELMAR's corporate culture. The company's history as well as its values have been highlighted in order to attract potential talent and to be transparent to its audiences. At the same time, it was important to make information and forms easily accessible to visitors.

In addition, ensuring the operation of a trilingual site was an essential element in addressing the entire North American market, given that the market is mainly made up of English-speaking, French-speaking and Spanish-speaking communities.

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The main challenge of the mandate involves the malleability of the website. NELMAR serves many industries that are in constant evolution, such as health care, laboratories, air transport and others. The challenge was therefore to introduce sustainable solutions, allowing the company to update the content according to its needs.

During this mandate, we succeeded in optimizing the platform by ensuring its long-term operation despite a changing environment.

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