Energize major sports retailer’s content

Sports Experts, Atmosphere, GROUPE FGL Sports

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Support popular banners Sports Experts and Atmosphere from FLG Sports Group (Canadian Tire) – leaders in the sports sector in Canada – by creatively and engagingly bringing their brand content (products, activations, sponsorships, influencers) to life on Facebook and Instagram.

Showcase the major brands within the Sports Experts family, its unparalleled expertise and numerous contributions to sports teams and major events. Reignite Québecois passion for the outdoors, its trending activities and cutting-edge equipment with Atmosphere.

The challenge: Two brands with unique editorial styles, target audiences and goals (awareness, engagement, conversions, sales), in addition to a very extensive portfolio of products and sub-brands. The vision: Deliver cohesive and engaging content, aligned with the ever-evolving digital and social trends. The results: A significant increase in followers, engagement and conversions since the start of our collaboration.

Sports Experts

Inspiring a nation to get active

As a creative partner of Sports Experts, we support them in creating and distributing their complex editorial and promotional calendar. In collaboration with their different internal departments, and in line with the overall content strategy, we align the artistic direction, copywriting and media performance of their social media content for all online and on-site activations (sponsorships, events, promotions) and brand posts.


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Standing Out In The Adventure Landscape

Reposition the brand like a must-have for outdoor enthusiasts in Quebec by inspiring its Instagram and Facebook communities with captivating social and editorial content.

Partner with Atmosphere in its variety of communication and promotional initiatives surrounding its activities, brands and specialized equipment. Create excitement and momentum through content series and posts that highlight its partnerships with outdoor ambassadors like adventurer Caroline Côté.









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Media Amplification Strategy

Taking Sales To The Next Level

Given that Sports Experts and Atmosphere typically use their social platforms as sales channels, the approach is to amplify all of their social media posts. After a thorough analysis of the platforms, we revised the strategy and restructured all amplifications in collaboration with their respective teams.

The goal: provide a better visibility on investments, KPIs and results over time. Thus, we established specific audiences and diversified media objectives based on the brands’ content pillars and goals, allowing us to achieve stable yet diversified results.