Celebrating Montreal’s Artistic Community

Conseil des Arts de Montréal

Event identity, campaign concept, motion design

Develop a bold, creative and unifying visual identity for the 38th Grand Prix of the Conseil des arts de Montréal - a signature event that brings together the cultural and business community to highlight the importance of local artistic vitality.

This campaign encompasses the core concept and visual signature of the event, along with all its advertising, digital and scenographic applications. This 38th edition serves as a true tribute to local creators and organizations. During its unmissable annual gala, Montrealers are also invited to vote for their favourite artistic proposal (Télé-Québec People’s Choice Award).

Highlighting the most impactful artistic projects of the year across various disciplines (Indigenous arts, circus arts, digital arts, visual arts, dance, music, theatre, and multidisciplinary sectors), the list of eight finalist laureates offers an impressive snapshot of the quality of artistic organizations that help define Montreal today.

Bizarre flora

A metaphorical universe inspired by the beauty of nature and all that comprises it. A tribute to the creativity of artists.

Like nature, the artistic world and the essence of the creative process represent life, infinity, perpetual movement. Creativity knows no bounds. It arises here, now, and at any moment. It delights, sparks curiosity, and brings us together.

Comprising unknown flowers, mushrooms, algae, and seashells, the bizarre flora imagined for this concept represents the talent and creativity of Montreal artists. It takes root in the logo, extends its stems, leaves, and blooms its buds like the ideas that spring from them.

The typography draws inspiration from the Art Nouveau style, releasing organic and asymmetrical forms found in nature. The finesse and refinement of this period bring a breath, a lightness to today's structured graphic world. Finally, the palette of luminescent colors on a black background evokes a theatrical effect, mirroring the Annual Grand Prix Gala.

The idea behind the concept

Illustrating the artistic richness of Montreal, the depth and inclusivity of the topics explored by the 8 finalists as well as the colourful, festive and surprising nature of their proposals.

Drawing from the organic, intuitive, and evolving nature embodied by the creative process - this is the premise that inspired the core concept proposed for this 38th edition of the Grand Prix. A fertile and precious ground where a thousand ideas sprout, Montreal is a vast territory of boldness and creativity.

A rich, lively, and vibrant cosmopolitan space that brings together artists, thinkers, poets, and great innovators. Brilliant and colorful minds with imaginative, surprising, open, and inclusive perspectives. Through them, new possibilities emerge, unexpected worlds unfold, and communities come together to celebrate the beauty of diversity.


About Conseil des arts de Montréal

A true pillar of the arts community, the Conseil des arts de Montréal unites the artistic, municipal and economic sectors while fostering the city’s creativity. It identifies, supports and promotes professional artistic creation, production and distribution in Montreal.