Protecting the Health of Canadians with a Leader in Insurance

Medavie Blue Cross (Québec, Ontario)

Ad Campaigns, Digital Creative Production, ACTRA, UDA

Bringing Blue Cross’s new brand promise to life through creative ad campaigns, designed to inspire Quebecers and Canadians alike to choose their comprehensive health and travel insurance solutions.

No matter where life takes you, Blue Cross is always there for you. It’s the start of a grand love story between an insurer and its policyholders. Caring and authentic, this expert company insures and reassures its Quebec and Ontario clientele. Our partnership with the brand involves creating digital ad campaigns, which includes all aspects of creative direction and production, as well as managing ACTRA and UDA for video segments.

With strategic partnerships with major players (Medavie, Canassurance, Blue Shield, etc.), Blue Cross benefits from a robust network of partners, requiring a high volume of tailored creative content by service (travel, health, brand), markets and associations. The challenge: maintaining simple and clear messaging in a complex and multidimensional environment.

Travel Campaign

Wherever Life Takes You

From Spain to colourful Mexico. From Lisbon to lively Havana. From Iceland to Italy. From exotic Thailand to sunny California. This campaign leverages the brands A-to-B approach to showcase how easy, seamless and enjoyable it is to get insurance solutions tailored to your adventurous spirit with Blue Cross.

Split into three stages: awareness, consideration and conversion. The digital campaign focuses on the product’s unique features, identified during the strategy phase. Creative visuals were used to highlight them, including a 24/7 assistance network, flexible insurance plans, comprehensive and turnkey coverage from Blue Cross, nearly 50 years of expertise, free insurance for children and much more.

Targeting a variety of audiences (families, childless couples, pre- and new retirees, adventurers), the campaign was rolled out in various formats and designed for placements on META (animated link posts and stories), LinkedIn, DV360 (HTML5 banners), Yahoo (native ads) and Google Ads (Performance Max).


Health Campaign

For What Matters Most To You

Uniting Canadians around the collective need to be well protected. Imagining a distinctive campaign for their health solutions range, by highlighting its unique competitive benefits. Creating a strong brand recognition with Blue Cross. These are the principles that inspired the strategy for this campaign.

Unlike many of its competitors, Blue Cross is not a financial institution or property insurer. As a non-profit organization, it focuses on people and their needs and has been committed to its community from the start. A true guardian to the health of their insured, offering flexible, generous, comprehensive and customizable coverage options.

ampaign), the different creative elements highlight the benefits that are unique to the insurer: product customization, advantageous coverage, unlimited medications (including fertility treatments and more), dental care with no maximum, direct access to maximum benefits, a larger number of specialists, and so on.


Brand Campaign

Protecting What Matters Most

Alongside its health and travel campaigns, Blue Cross aimed to strengthen its brand recognition and connect more closely with its two main markets. Through the lens of “protecting your health and the health of your loved ones”, the manifesto-style video seeks to portray the brand’s role as the Guardian of Canadians’ health alongside its human-centered approach - no matter where life’s adventures, big or small, take you.


About Blue Cross

Blue Cross Medavie is a leading all-in-one private health insurer and public health program administrator. It provides and manages health care plans, dental care as well as travel, life and disability insurance for individuals and organizations across Canada.