A Energetic Brand Identity

Ultra-Trail Monarque


Develop a positive, appealing and playful brand platform uniting the entire running community for Ultra-Trail Monarque: a 4,500 km sporting event focused on highlighting the importance of biodiversity and the preservation of the monarch butterfly population.

Brand Identity

The Monarch as Inspiration

Drawing from the nurturing floral ecosystem, the migratory journey, the essence of the butterfly and the Art Deco artistic movement, this vibrant visual identity embodies simplicity, joy and motion. The rounded logo takes inspiration from the lines, curves and connections found on the butterfly’s wings.

The creation of two additional symbols signifies the dual aspects of the event. On one hand, it represents the migratory path of the monarch (also mirroring the route covered by Anthony Battah, who founded the initiative). On the other hand, the butterfly flower, symbolizing the rest and nourishing nectar stations for migrating butterflies (also established by planting seeds throughout the journey , something made possible by the donations collected).

Website and Results

Great Challenge, Beautiful Impact

The distinctive visual identity, the event’s web donation platform, the sale of Ultra-Trail Monarque colored accessories and Anthony’s incredible journey on social media sparked a lot of enthusiasm. Nearly $45,000 was raised for the conservation of monarch butterflies, and donations are still incoming. Congratulations to the entire team for organizing this fantastic event!

About Ultra-Trail Monarque

An athletic and environmental event consisting of a 4,500 km trail run.

In late summer 2023, ultramarathoner Anthony Battah followed the migration of monarch butterflies from Canada to Mexico, hoping to raise awareness about the existential threat facing this crucial pollinator.