A tempting platform for gourmet frozen dishes

Cool & Simple

Visual Identity

Crafting a brand platform and campaign aimed showcasing Cool&Simple's gourmet products as well as tantalizing both the eyes and taste buds of all Quebecers

Specialized in premium frozen dishes, the company wanted to propel and solidify its position in the Quebec market following a strategic repositioning exercise.

Creative Strategy

Leveraging Quebecers’ Epicurean Personality

The superior quality of ingredients, the practicality of dishes carefully prepared by professional chefs, and the exquisite flavors found in Cool&Simple's extensive ready-to-eat portfolio are the foundation that inspired the brand platform and resulting advertising campaign.

Quebecers are epicureans. They enjoy savoring life, eating well, indulging, not only at restaurants on weekends. Our goal was to offer a simple, convenient and delicious alternative, from a busy family Tuesday dinners to decadent Saturday evenings with friends.

Developing a series of captivating slogans allowed us to capitalize on these moments of ecstasy, experienced with every bite when exploring the vast culinary offer by Cool&Simple’s premium frozen dishes.

The original creative approach focuses on the strong emotional connection between the pleasure of eating well and the reality of the daily grind.

Visual Identity

A Beautiful and Grand Invitation

Visually, images of our variety of foodie scenes were integrated into a pastel-colored arch, symbolically designed as a wide-open door, an invitation into the world of flavors presented by Cool&Simple.

The chosen typography on these images pays homage to the sophisticated graphic design of the 1970s and showcases the star dishes, rebaptized with mouthwatering lingo. The artistic direction and selection of talents, each gifted with an authentic, colorful and confident personality, were in line with the Cool&Simple brand.

The brand platform includes the complete branding of Cool&Simple’s store windows, a graphic and visual update of their website and various communication tools including social media, newsletters and digital campaigns.

Brand Awareness Campaign

In addition, an extensive notoriety campaign - which included advertising throughout Greater Montreal and near Cool&Simple locations - increased the brand’s aided awareness by +11 points, positive perception by +20 points, and raised purchase intent by +28 points among people exposed to the campaign and surveyed as a part of it.

About Cool&Simple

Quebec leader in gourmet frozen dishes, Cool&Simple offers quality products satisfying even the most demanding of palates. With a total of 5 locations in the Greater Montreal area, the company is also present online throughout Quebec and in the province’s best grocery stores.