ClientUbisoft Store

ProjectGraphic Standards Guide, Template Production

RoleCreating the Brand Guide.

The Mandate: The Ubisoft store, one of the three services offered at Ubisoft, was looking for a creative agency based in Montreal to develop the new Brand Guide for the online store that would include all UI elements for digital marketing. Beyond the digital artistic direction, the mandate also involved the production of all templates and graphic elements for the communication medium regarding the store. It was therefore necessary to design and produce a striking and versatile graphic universe that would be encoded in Ubisoft’s DNA. The online store environment needed a distinctive graphic element that would render it immediately identifiable in order to bring the works together on a graphic charter and that would also match the visuals of each game, such as Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry or Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six.

The 45-degree slant was a concept chosen to mirror the Ubisoft logo, which features the same diagonal line. The new graphic line can be used in any context and this line allows for the shape it delineates to be packed with action while guaranteeing modern and sharp visuals. Each game’s main character is shown emerging from the slanted line and thus from its universe to greet the user. This technical detail adds motion to the design and has great potential for future animation. All graphic standards related to online commerce and the digital world of the Ubisoft store are displayed in a comprehensive and colourful standards guide, applicable to all geographic regions in which game brands are being developed.

Graphic artworks presented here are only for concept representation and must not be used as is under any circumstances.


The design process aimed to redefine a new graphic line. It also aimed to create interactive UI elements, numerous banner formats and animations from the Ubisoft Store to register it as the premium store for fans of the design studio. The main challenge of the mission was to create templates capable of integrating the graphic universe of all games created by the brand while using a totally versatile approach. The e-commerce-oriented approach aims to make the store an unavoidable place for anyone wishing to buy games, exclusive products and merchandizing for Ubisoft brand licences. In a 100% digital environment, creating spaces capable of integrating visuals of the game brands was necessary in order to unify the creative base of the different outlets, while ensuring the recommendations are compatible with the mobile surfaces.

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