RoleArt Direction, UX/UI and Web Development

SpecsVue.JS / Wordpress / PHP

Thrustmaster is a French company internationally renowned as a video game specialist in the realm of gaming accessories. Whether it's for controllers, steering wheels or foot pedals, Thrustmaster innovates with every one of its products, continuously adapting closest to the needs of its target audience: gamers.

Le mandatThrustmaster mandated LEEROY to create a website dedicated to its brand new product: the eSwap Pro Controller. eSwap is a fully modular professional controller designed for ranked players.

The goal of the website was to highlight the various features of the eSwap controller, reinforcing Thrustmaster’s brand image and positioning in the video game industry. Due to the complex technical requirements and high creative ambitions of this project, LEEROY agency was chosen to execute it from across the Atlantic.

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The website’s design, in its structure and visual concept, depicts the innovative, competitive and unique elements of the eSwap product. Full screen sound effects and visuals are used on the website to create a dynamic and immersive user experience, attracting users to the product, and leading them to the eCommerce store.

Various technical concepts of the website illustrate the complex functionalities of the controller. For instance, dynamic 3D modules were developed for users to test the controller through the website. This provided an added value for the immediacy of the user experience, bringing the users closer to the brand.

As the product is sold worldwide, we adapted written content and product pricing to the various geographical locations in which the product is sold. As the product can be purchased in Europe, Asia and America, eight languages were integrated through the site, meeting the needs of larger audiences.

These are innovations setting Thrustmaster apart from competitors, offering real added value to the product and its website.

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