Precision Pressing

ClientPrecision Record Pressing

ProjectBranding, Website

RoleArtistic direction, Web development

SpecsVue.JS, Wordpress, Headless

Precision Record Pressing, born in 2016, is a collaboration between GZ Media, world leader in vinyl manufacturing, and Isotope Music, Canada’s leading music distributor. This partnership has allowed for Precision Record Pressing to benefit from over 65 years of experience in high-quality vinyl pressing as well as reliable customer service in the music industry.

The mandate To showcase Precision Record Pressing’s expertise, LEEROY was selected to revamp not only its website, but also its brand image. The goal was to achieve a greater online visibility all while establishing and maintaining a lasting brand image that perfectly aligns with the company’s core.

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We chose to develop a brand image that was both traditional and modern, based on the current logo, in order to maintain the vintage aesthetic of vinyl. We made sure the artisanal aspect of the brand was not overlooked. Rather than presenting the product as plain vinyl, we’re reviving it as a rare collector’s item.

As the website was redesigned, the focus was set to highlight the company’s savviness through a display of various completed projects and featured artists. To accomplish this challenge, we chose to present a simple, intuitive portfolio that displays a selection of 12 projects best encapsulating Precision Record Pressing’s expertise in vinyl manufacturing.

Precision Record Pressing can create just about any combination of colours and effect in terms of vinyl design and sleeves: 35 colours, various colour combinations, special effects (translucid, opaque, neon, luminescent) and exclusive shapes. These different options were to be exhibited on an online platform. To do just that, we developed an interactive homepage featuring all the available options.

LEEROY additionally created a feature which allows users to understand every step of the vinyl manufacturing process. In order to visually demystify the production process, we created clear illustrations aligning with Precision Record Pressing’s new brand image. This section promotes Precision Record Pressing’s thorough three-step audio and visual quality control process. It includes an interactive quote generator, designed and developed for the brand to consider all available options - it can also be directly accessed by customers to facilitate their communication with the company on the website.

These new and improved attributes set Precision Record Pressing apart from its competitors and offer a real and added value to its website.

TechnologyThe website was entirely built using a VUE.JS framework, enabling pages to load instantly and to animate page transitions.

The Quote Tool is a module we specifically created for Precision Record Pressing to export quotes into PDF format. Quotes are generated based on each user’s request and will help provide an estimate of the cost of future projects.

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