ProjectBranding, Web, Dev, Logo, Animations, UX UI, Content Strategy

RoleWebsite Creation

SpecsWordPress, illustrations, CSS animations

OPARI, a TATA COMMUNICATIONS company, markets the technology of the future in terms of mobile currency. This digital commerce platform enables customers to increase their customers' mobile engagement with rewards such as mobile airtime or free data, for example.

The mandateLeeroy was entrusted with a mandate that involves completely designing a website by creating a technological and futuristic platform to showcase the advantages of this new and revolutionizing way to use cellphones. The team created the logo and animations, designed the branding, planned the user experience, set up a content strategy for the blog and worked on the front-end and back-end development of the website.

The stakesThe project had to be completed within three weeks, a very tight deadline given the extent of the mandate. Due to the complexity of the industry, the team had to understand the project’s challenges and become familiar with this innovative technology in order to deliver a project that would meet the customers’ expectations.

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Using data as a reward to sign up for a loyalty program is relatively new and very innovative idea. Providing data to encourage app usage, to fill out a survey or to share a product with friends is one way to increase mobile engagement by meeting the needs of the consumer: a win-win scenario. When cellphone use is on the rise and Mobile First is the essence of any digital ecosystem, Opari offers many marketing opportunities related to the use of data and uses them as valuable incentives to any targeted audience.

A good example of a company using Opari's services is Uber, in Africa. This pioneer in demand-responsive transport can offer free data to all its drivers to cover their costs of cellular services in a country where data is expensive.



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