ProjectWordPress, design, UX, UI, Web

RoleProgramming, design

Lush Drive is a new online casino offering a variety of games, aiming to offer its users a fun and personalized experience. The mandate Leeroy was entrusted with included the complete design of the website as well as front-end and back-end development. The integration of all games on the site’s platform was done via the provider’s API.

Adding games can be done easily from the website's back office. A login register's programming facilitates access to the site for players and they can also leave comments to share their thoughts on the games. To meet the latest requirements of the web industry, a customized dynamic content module has also been developed to personalize the user's experience and adapt to each player’s profile.

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Attract a maximum of players with a unique casino that offers a fun and attractive experience. Customize content according to each player’s profile to promote retention.

Some issues had to be taken into consideration. A lot of work with the provider’s API was put in to integrate as many features as possible directly into the site to ensure smooth navigation, despite the use of two different interfaces. On the other hand, due to strict regulations in the Canadian gaming industry, it was necessary to become familiar with several laws to ensure the success of this project.
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