ProjectWordPress, design, UX, UI

RoleProgramming, illustrating, design

SpecsThreeJS, interactive video

The French startup Liquidshare, pioneer in blockchain technology, was looking for a website design agency to build their new digital platform. We built the UX framework of the site to simultaneously create an innovative branding that would allow the brand to shine on the web. A graphic charter has been designed and developed to feed the site's framework with modern isometric iconographies, faithful to futuristic colorimetry. High level motion design was also used to integrate informative videos coupled with a slider and JavaScript animations. Once the branding was established and the guideline validated, we focused on the UI design of the web platform putting forward a sleek, colourful and technological aspect. The transitions between each panel have been done particularly meticulously and were to appear in the main menu. Liquidshare was developed under WordPress with the framework foundation.

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LiquidShare needed to build an accessible website for the public, capitalizing on blockchain technology that simplifies transactions between different market players by connecting investors directly to companies. The main objective was therefore to simplify the complex structure of this innovation, with an editorial line focused on information, without omitting to develop an elegant, modern and intuitive design for a smoother user experience. The site, built as a one-pager, needed to refocus its content on the human aspect of things, which can be found in photos of team members scattered in different panels. Combining reason and emotion within a purely technical platform represented a considerable challenge.



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