Le Château

ClientLe Château


RoleCampaign Creator and Manager

The mandateWe brought on to create, run and execute Le Château’s influencer program for their Fall Workwear Campaign. We divided this project into chronological, efficient and strategic steps. This detailed process allowed us to select the influencers, build the brief, reach out to approved influencers, monitor each participant closely, and deliver a final report to the client with the performance of the campaign.


Select 20 influencers
  • From Canada with an appraise audience for the campaign
    (in this case 28/35 year old women)
  • In synch with the clients aesthetic
    (in this case, clean fashion oriented with a smooth flow)
  • Encourage them to do the project with a friend to add more reach
Make it fun
  • Create a document promoting the campaign in a fun way
  • Get the influencer motivated to be a part of the campaign
  • Make them feel like they are part of something big
Make it personal
  • Personnalise each campaign presentation to make each influencer feel unique
  • Encouraging them to go with the campaign’s message but with their own style and artistic approach
  • Personally attend to their questions and feedback

Monitor it closelykeeping direct contact with the influencer throughout the entire process gathering all the data from each influencer to formulate a full report


Understanding the driving concept behind the campaign was the key to building the reach out personalized document. "From Work to Life” summarized the campaign’s message: to enjoy the moments in between working hours. Considering the campaign’s target market, we were looking for influencers:
  • between the ages of 25 and 35, with an artistic edge
  • who were fashion lovers, bloggers and experts
  • who had a clean, aesthetic feed
  • with corresponding followers
  • who had a fashion sense in synch with the brand


PersonalizedEach document was built for a each individual influencer: to make influencers feel valued, to allow us to formulate specific asks and to help influencers understand the campaign.Campaign presentationThe campaign was explained in the document through its tagline, visual moodboards, lookbooks, and examples. The idea was to show them a sneak peek of the campaign and make sure they grasp the message.Platform guidelinesThese guidelines were specific to digital platforms for influencers to know what they were to deliver should they choose all platforms or one. This allowed us to have some control over the delivery.Make the campaign their ownWe encouraged the influencers to take the campaign’s core message and run with it.

Reach Out

We had specific asks for each influencer, corresponding to their abilities, followers, and previous record. This ask served as the base for negotiations with each woman.
We handled the gift cars amount by adapting the amount to the number of followers each influencer had. This amount also changed whether they were doing a duo project or a solo project.


There is no way to measure an influencer’s reliability prior to the campaign. Hence we monitored each influencer’s progress closely. From the appointment in-store to post deadline, and follow-up for statistics.


The best performance came from micro-influencers (<10k). Their audience is niche, and their authenticity is their main strength. They are harder to find, hence are less likely to overexpose themselves and lose credibility by backing various brands. This campaign's main goal waste raise awareness, hence our main focus was attainting a high reach compared to followers.

We made our recommendations to the client involving the next campaign and the next goal. The client was happy with the final result.
Haley Estrada
1 300 Likes
Reach -4 616
Views -39,79%
Impressions -5 956
Engagement rate (per reach) -29,35%
Engagement rate (per followers) -11,68%
Tonina Barrata
Reach -4 875
Views -115,91%
Impressions -7 072
Engagement rate (per reach) -14,75%
Engagement rate (per followers) -17,09%
Mlle Geri
Reach -6 061
Views -84,51%
Impressions -8 404
Engagement rate (per reach) -15,69%
Engagement rate (per followers) -13,26%

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