Le Château Shoes

ClientLe Château

ProjectFootwear Fall 2018

RoleCampaign Creator and Manager

The mandate Le Château, a nation-wide fashion brand, approached us to conceptualize their Footwear campaign for Fall 2018. Our concept was rooted in showing the variety of product the brand has, and hence the different «moods» these products could accommodate.

This concept and campaign came to life on video, photography, banners and social media influencers.

From the concept we then put together a production team to shoot the video and photography. We ran the shoot to make sure our vision was being carried across appropriately. We then guided the editing for both photography and video. Additionally, we built backlit concepts for their stores around Canada, as well as digital banner concepts.

Ultimately we delivered a 15s video and a 30s video with the famous «J'suis d'accord» tune by Françoise Hardy as the front of the campaign. We also delivered 13 strong images of their products with copywriting on the «moods» associated with each product. We then designed their landing page, newsletter, lookbook and press release. We carried our concept into social media with an influencer marketing program.

We created individual presentations of the campaign for each chosen influencer. After negotiating with each influencer we then ran the influencer campaign.

The Concept

The concept helped show the large range of product our client offers. In order to make it relatable we decided to show how each shoe could represent a mood a woman could have whilst wearing this pair. The posing and final choice of image also reflected this. Ultimately, the images went in store.

Influencer Campaign

The influencer campaign began by rounding up our relevant choices to the client. We built statistical findings on each chosen influencer, as well as aesthetic preferences. We then build an personalized presentation for each one of the chosen and approved influencer to present our footwear campaign. The idea was to get them excited about the campaign, understand the concept fully, and underline their unique qualities.

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