Hitman Sniper 2

ClientSquare Enix

ProjectBrand identity creation, Website redesign, Creation of a mobile application

RoleArt direction, UX-UI design, Web development

SpecsJavaScript, Vue.JS (app)

Square Enix is a London-based company that crafts an impressive selection of SQUARE ENIX, EIDOS, and TAITO branded entertainment. Their remarkable portfolio includes the creations of FINAL FANTASY, DRAGON QUEST, TOMB RAIDER, and many more well-known and loved video-game franchises. Square Enix mandated Leeroy to create art direction and develop a microsite to showcase HITMAN SNIPER: The Shadows, an iOS and Android free-to-play game leading up to its initial release.

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Due to wanting to differentiate between the first Hitman Sniper game and this new release, one of the main objectives was to immerse the user in the world of the Hitman Sniper 2 franchise. Another objective in the mandate was to present general information about the game itself and its characters, to create hype surrounding the release. One goal in particular was to encourage and facilitate pre-registration leading up to its launch in April 2021. Post launch, these communications would be aimed at driving users directly to the store to download the game.


By developing an art direction and using animations that are well-aligned with the aesthetics of the game itself, Leeroy was able to mirror and capture the spirit of the Hitman Sniper: The Shadows. This project proved to be a great addition to Leeroy's portfolio of work in the video game industry.

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