CPA Canada

ClientCPA Canada


RoleBranding and advertising, Website, Video Production

SpecsVue.JS, headless WordPress

CPA Canada is one of the largest global accountant organizations. They are also major influencers in the business, government, education, and non-profit sectors. THE ONE National Conference is their most important annual event where thousands of chartered accountants, businessmen and women, and people in the finance sector can network and attend presentations. In 2019, the conference is to take place at Le Palais des Congrès de Montreal, Quebec.

The mandateWe were brought on to refresh the logo and come up with the creative concept and artistic direction for the 2019 edition of the event under the theme Innovation for sustainability. We then developed all of the advertising material for the campaign including 10 provincial concepts and a 60 sec. promotional video as well as three 30 sec. promo clips.

We were also invited to develop the website of the event, which was previously hosted on the main CPA Canada’s website.

With the new visual identity and the stand-alone website, the idea was to make the conference stand out as a major tech and business event and to take its branding and notoriety to a whole new level.

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Our objective was to creatively present the 2019 conference and illustrate each province's advancement in terms of technology for a sustainable future, in synch with their theme. We conducted research to find out each province's main industry and which technologies were being developed to help this industry grow. We then produced the main conference visual and the 10 provincial one keeping in mind that we wanted to elevate the conference positioning and make it appealing to a larger audience.





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