ProjectBranding, Website, SEO

RoleArtistic Direction and Development

SpecsWordpress, Gsap

CIM is a team of seasoned experts who develop strategic planning to enable clients to maximize and optimize production capacity while subsequently reducing maintenance cost.

The mandateWe were brought on to rebrand the B2B company to assist with their repositioning wishes. We were also mandated to create their website in synch with their brand's new direction.

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As a creative agency, our role was to supply the client with a clear guideline for the new brand direction. It also consisted of us creating an on-brand, UX and UI optimized, state-of-the-art modern website, designed for international purpose. The goal was to communicate our client's expertise and USP in the planning of maintenance resources for large companies in the energy and transportation sectors with the objective of generating qualified leads. The powerful visuals we included also had custom-built animations in sprites. In terms of branding, we also created, managed and delivered several communication pieces: business cards, large poster for their kiosk, conference pop-up banner ads, and brochures. Additionally, we designed CIM sweaters to be worn at conferences. A complete brand ecosystem respecting their new positioning.

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