Best Street marketing campaigns for your inspiration

Traditional advertising channels aren’t that effective anymore to reach an audience (Thank the Powers that be for that «Skip Ad» button!). Thus, the Street provides endless possibilities for marketing campaigns: nothing is particularly formatted compared to billboards, tv spots or YouTube ads, it’s very hard to zap or skip it, the commuter’s flickering attention demands for quick and impacting pieces, and a well thought street stunt gives you the opportunity to reach your audience directly (my teenage years were driven by taste-testing cola at my local amusement park…). So let’s get out the beaten tracks just for a second.

1. Lego

Everyone’s childhood dream, I guess.

2. Natrel

Because a drumming cow on a motorbike playing classic rock, that’s why.

3. BMW Mini

Ever wanted to have your red light of glory and feel like a bona fide F1 pilot?

4. Rona

We live in an age where leftover paint shouldn’t be wasted.

5. Jeep

Clever, simple, to the point.

6. Rockstar Games

This ad campaign for Grand Theft Auto IV just gives us a more immersive gaming experience, so to speak.

7. Mr. Clean

Can’t get cleaner than that.

8. Hot Wheels

Everyone’s childhood dream, I guess (again).

9. Cingular

Set in the middle of Times Square, the two pieces really work together to effectively reach the audience.

10. Mini

So small and practical, just unbox it and roll out!

11. McDonalds

An entirely separate post could be written about the Golden Arches since their street work is so rich; then again not everyone can afford to turn the Chicago river green for St.Patrick’s Day…

12. The Economist

Interactivity is the cornerstone of direct street marketing.

13. Superman Returns Movie

The gesture is now iconic; some creative simply put one and one together.

14. Mini (Take 2)

Bonus points for drawing attention from afar.

15. Nationwide Insurance

Because you never know what might hit you next.

16. ANAR Foundation

Brilliant concept to reach out to a very specific audience, abused children, to call for help.

17. Royer: The Mother of All Boots

Because a 6-foot high boot mounted on a pick-up truck can really be hard to miss on a construction site.

18. IWC

Diverting urban furniture, when done well, can lead to very effective results.

19. Amnesty International

Direct street marketing can be very efficient to raise awareness for a great deal of causes.

20. Ray-Ban

A great campaign mixing Guerilla marketing and Social Media offensive.

21. Double Grill and Bar

A simple visual idea, translated and rendered well.

22. True Blood

This one actually makes use of both sides of the billboard.

23. TV3 (Law and Order SVU)

Using the billboard’s already existing structure sometimes pays off.

24. 96.3 RADIO

Simple but effective idea, with an execution that is far from busting the budgets.

25. Campaign Against Land Mines

Rerouting a simple everyday item, in this case a ketchup packet, can create a very powerful imagery.

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