Top 17 Most Inspiring Websites for Apps & Software Startups

These days, design is more than a selling point: it’s a requirement. This is especially true within highly competitive fields such as Web Application and Software Development. Startups are battling it out for the public’s attention, and the audience just keeps getting more demanding. A website presenting a new web application must at once clearly explain its product while proving its relevance. In this context, design is the key to creating an efficient website that is both informative and enticing.

Consequently, for a website developer in need of inspiration, this field is a goldmine. That’s why we chose to curate a list of the most beautiful websites built for application and software startups. Our team has chosen these websites based on the quality and originality of the design and navigation. We have featured young but flourishing companies, some more mature than others, who got creative with their website design.


A simple yet compelling design that quickly and clearly outlines the product


A beautiful layout combined with an omnipresent but not overbearing call to action


A design inherently representative of the product’s role in everyday life.


A dynamic homepage with a quick focus on the variety of possibilities available to the user.

Digital Ocean

A crisp, efficient layout designed with the product’s target audience in mind: developers.


Playful design and engaging navigation.


An organic, bright design that enhances the presentation of the product’s features.


A navigation clearly defined by the product’s three main features.


A colour scheme that is both beautiful and functional.


Playful and original visuals that stand out.


A melting pot of the latest trends coming together beautifully: scroll-down navigation, bright colors and playful visuals creating nothing short of an uplifting experience.


This bright website embraces color in a beautiful, enticing way.


This website cleverly demonstrates its own product. Clearly, showing is better than telling.


Leadpages targets entrepreneurs, and this is well reflected in their no-nonsense and efficient design.


This website chooses to limit scrolling and focuses on getting the customer to use the product.


A homepage that ostensibly display’s the application’s three main features provides a one-look overview.


Here is another website that integrates its app’s features within the design. Hard to find a better way to showcase a product.

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