Top 11 Most Striking Corporate Websites

Realistically, the word «corporate» rarely connotes great artistic vigor or exceptionally enticing originality. It might rather be seen accompanied by the word «square», «suit», or even the unapologetic «boring». These corporate websites beg to differ. Our team has selected audacious websites that managed to make their design reflect their service and serve their brand. This list assembles some of the most striking corporate websites, all fields combined.


A website that combines classic lines with a seamless user experience.


The theme is water, and you can’t miss it: from the site’s leading water-drop loading page to its fluid call to actions.

Susa Ventures

Not exactly what we have come to expect when it comes to an investment group website: a bold, natural and adventurous look that certainly gets attention.

Ecap Partner

This design wastes no time: a 5-word introduction of the company prefaces the homepage, and off you go.


For any innovative, technology-based company, efficiently explaining the product is a challenge. This website achieves this through simple visuals and dynamic navigation.


If simplicity is your brand, you might as well make it your design.


The dynamic and playful visuals are paired with an understated color palette. The result is modern and professional.


This website stays true to the look of the logo while making a confidant use of black and white.


Combining the scroll-down trend with a vertical side-menu, this website is remarkably ergonomic.


A fine example of bold typeface.

Holm Marcher & Co

Personality goes a long way. This website adheres to the latest trends while seemingly being inspired by vintage film noir, an unexpected combination that sets it apart.

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