The 12 very best eyewear web designs you’ve ever seen

Following how each website is perfectly designed to fit their parent company and brand, whether you’re more of a intellectual, hipster, or glamour fiend, this selection of eyewear brands will have something perfectly suited for you as well.

1. VU

VU’s site is slick and fast just like their logo which happens to be a minimalist sprinting rabbit wearing glasses. There is also a virtual in-store walkthrough page worth visiting. VU is an optometrist and eyewear store and also have a sunglasses online store which is gorgeous.

2. David Clulow

Your geometry lesson is in session. This site makes use of short horizontal lines throughout its design, playing on their glasses’ predominantly squared design.

3. Ditto

Ditto has implemented a process in which you can virtually try on glasses using your web-cam as well as receive advice and recommendations given your sense of style and preferences.

4. Andy Wolf

If you can look past the ‘out of this world’ looks and art direction of this site’s creative choices, you’ll notice an incredibly grounded and elegant web design. Mimicking their frames, the colour motif of their site is a blank white.

5. Linda Farrow

The photographic realizations of this site put the extremely unique glasses in an easily digestible context. The site also makes use of soft pastel colours on the first fold.

6. Lookmatic

The site’s use of the scroll down is both eye catching and practical. By scrolling down, you can watch as the glasses come together, followed by a line about how the glasses are hand made. The scroll down strategy this site uses is surprising and entertaining.

7. Made

This site, although sporting a simple design, is very useful as it provides their visitors with a face-shape glasses style matching page as well as the option to mix arms and frames to better individualize their style.

8. Matsuda

The Matsuda website’s layout and art direction follows the theme of androgyny with their photos and the fact that there is no Men’s or Women’s section: just one genderless selection.

9. Mykita

This site has fantastically integrated art direction as each of the pictures follows a single narrative and general aesthetic.

10. The House of Eyewear

A close second to Oxydo, the house of eyewear has fun, surprising and beautiful graphics. Between the sublet glimmers of icons and pages fading in and out of view and the videos playing in the background of some of the pages, this site’s design is so effortlessly perfect.

11. Oxydo

Easily the most entertaining and engaging website on our list, Oxydo grabs our attention with incredible visuals and could keep it all day.

12. William Morris London

The whole website is in black and white, which helps to bring out the eyewear’s colours and designs. The black and white is also reminiscent of the city they are paying homage to.

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