20 creative & inspiring shoe packaging designs

The secret is no longer one, the shoe boxes were often the target of our less scrupulous minds. From toddler butchering the poor cubic object with scissors to build a castle, to the housewife decorating her work with floral patterns, the poor boxes have become the laughingstock of the broom closet. It is time for revenge and companies have identified the potential of innovative and creative packaging. Not content just to amuse, shoe boxes have become a real selling argument and reflect the characteristics of the shoes. From sneakers to stilettos, LEEROY has selected 20 examples of the most beautiful shoe packagings, which give designers the inspiration to personalize them…

1. Nike Air

This air pillow imagined by the German group Scholz & Friends Berlin, offers a direct insight into the design of the shoes. Using a minimum of materials, the concept detonates by its simplicity and effectiveness. Enough to kick-old to our traditional rectangular boxes !

2. Gürtlerbachmann GMBH

Yet a German creation, this time the genius of designers focuses on children’s shoes. Fun, colourful, those little birds are representing german native type of bird. Do not complain, even if we can’t wear the shoes we can always play with the box!

3. Milli Shoe Box

In this case, the designer develops his concept around the feature of the shoe. Packaging shaped ball symbolizes athletic performance, speed and power. Great idea, and imaginative design!

4. Puma

With the clever bag, Puma adopts a shoe packaging based on sustainability and ecology : by itself, this packaging could save 275 tons of plastic per year. A great brand that is involved in a noble cause, we love !

5. Reebok

Let’s think outside the box with this ingenious packaging produced by McCann Erickson. This mountain « climbing concept » gives us quite the taste for adventure !

6. Air Jordan on Behance

This silhouette reminds you of someone? This special edition ” Michael Jordan” recalls the colours of the famous shoes and pay by the way a great homage to the basketball player.

7. Javier Torres González

Many companies want their packaging to translate environmental awareness and sustainable development. This is an other example that proves us that a creative design can be done without wasting a lot of materials.

8. Vans

Nate Eul abandons here the usual straight box shoe to a colorful and dynamic design. The graphics remind the skaters and surfers of the late 60s and early 70’s, and the structure reinforce Van’s non traditional image.

9. louboutin

A glamorous and feminine design with a little wink to the famous red sole stilettos… Another box to add to your collection ladies!

10. Converse

Small boxes for little feet! An interactive design that recreates the famous Converse’s star by bringing together 5 shoe boxes.

11. Adidas

You’re dreaming of playing tennis but your tiny studio restricts your sporting prospects? Don’t worry, Jeereayus has imagined for Adidas three types of shoe packagings. Grass, clay and hard : you choose!

12. Lacoste

Two colours, a simple, fresh and clean design. This is it.

13. Crocs

Back to the child shoes with this little cart made ​​by Behance. The design incorporates the features of the shoes : bright colours, plastic and the famous small holes.

14. Timberland

Let’s celebrate the Timberland 40th anniversary collection with this forest packaging. A simple and bucolic design for this popular yellow boots.

15. Camper

Creative and clever design. Try to gather the boxes to reproduce the entire leg.

16. Fisherman

Extremely eye-catching and ingenious concept (as long as these eels don’t go out of the box).

17. Pure Project

Once again no material to waste. A simple and elegant design that contrasts with the fun and colorful shoes.

18. Cross 3D Shoebox

Why go to the movies when we can watch our own shoes at home?

19. Bronx Shoes

« Illustrations were done only with a ballpoint pen, to give it a just-done-today feel » Great, nothing to add here.

20. Rapha's Grand Tour Shoes

A fold flat format and a classy black and white : this packaging is just telling you to « hit the road ».

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