15 of the most creative business cards

Let’s put all the cards on the table, business is a cruel world dominated by the most ruthless of men and women. If you want to get made and demand respect, your best weapon is of the cardboard variety. Just remember that like choosing between a 38. special and a tommy gun, the grain, size and font of your card will define you and your brand. When it comes to the calling card you leave behind, the expression “it is nothing personal, just business” could not be further from the truth.

To help you make your choice, familiarize yourself with the best designs and designers and get inspired. Once you have made your choice and your card is safely hidden in your jacket pocket, find that untouchable client you have been looking to snag, draw your card, and make him an offer he can’t refuse.

1. Stylist

As the recipient pulls the appointment card from its sleek envelope, the man’s hair goes from grey to a youthful brown and the woman gets to sport a perm.

2. Restaurant

With this fun and classy concept by Robinson Cravents, designers play with the double meaning of the word “card” and wink at the restaurant’s Indian roots by incorporating an elephant on the front of the card.

3. Interior Design

This fold-out card displays the different parts of the house in which the interior designer offers their services. The colors and the concept of interaction gives a degree of life to the character who lives inside this charming little card.

4. Lawyer

With this divorce lawyer’s ingenious card design, both he and she get an equal share of some black humor. Note that the phone number and e-mail address are present on both sides of the business card.

5. Sommelier

These authentic and individually applied wine stains break the simple and basic design of Sommelier’s business card to bring you something new and unique.

6. Butchery & Bakery

This concept draws all its charm from its simplicity and the use of black and white. The big advantage of these cards lies in the animal head visuals: sleek, efficient and adorable.

7. Design & Motion

This Hoccus Pocus makes a reference to a fantastic 90s comedy, reminding its recipients of the cinematic origins of the company’s name with help from its original and colorful design. Kind of makes you want to zap some popcorn!

8. Tourism

Forget about Google Maps, the best way to get your business discovered lies in this business card. This designer uses a non-conventional concepts form (which is not likely to get lost!).

9. Library

This concept card smells like old books and hot coffee, reminding why you just how lovable libraries are. The business card itself is actually the small envelope that carries your library card.

10. Print Design

If you like the natural look, this card is for you. It takes design to a new level with its rustic charm and silky finish, allowing for fine detail printing.

11. Creative Agency

The proof that a professionally designed black and white business cards with minimal bold typography can effectively promote a business and its corporate identity.

12. Personal Coach

Don’t you wish you could just peel off those unwanted pounds? This concept of business card shows the results provided by a personal trainer.

13. Bakery

The hardest part with this business card is to not eat it. This concept is both a great way to get a taste of the baker’s skills while promoting the address of the bakery.

14. Printing House

Ninjas designers finally have a business card just for them! PS: No need to throw these shurikens at your client’s faces, just place it gently on the table… the effect will be the same.

15. Colourful

Finally, a burst of colour in this bleak world! The designer decided ‘to think about it differently and have fun and created bright, playful patterns and motifs’

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