10 tasty restaurant websites for your inspiration

No one can ignore that an attractive visual or a particular camera angle can transform the fattest burgers into a healthy and nutritious meal. With the role of restaurant websites having changed since the advent of the Internet, from being merely informative to also having to be attractive they have become indispensable. That’s why a clever design that transmits the values of the restaurant will allow customers around the world to enjoy the rustic atmosphere of a country restaurant or the fresh beer of the neighbourhood bistro.

From the pictures to the colours, each element counts and becomes an opportunity to attract customers (as long the target audience is well defined). As for other essential ingredients for a successful and effective website, they still include recipes, the menu, the location and an interesting “about us” page. At Leeroy, armed in our most beautiful apron, we have cooked up this flavorsome selection of fine restaurant websites for you to enjoy. Bon appétit !

1. Drury Buildings

Far from the traditional green shamrock , this Irish website showcases pink and white in the most eye-pleasing of manners. Innovative design and pictures presenting in a grid emulates the windows of the old building.

2. Rosa

Thanks to the parallax, customers can view information with easy and dynamic navigation by simply scrolling downwards. This unique presentation turns two-dimensional images into photographic achievements.

3. Jacks

Jack’s website makes a clever use of the typefaces to express the personality of the London pub. The vertical displacement and the filters given to the photos paints a dynamic atmosphere, enough to give us the taste of a burger and a cold beer!


A website that smells as good as sunday morning and country bread. This website’s design is primarily focused on photos of the product and the people behind the company. Between joviality and tenderness, the company’s sense of community is reinforced by quotes about happiness. Cute!

5. Prime

Like the experience offered by the restaurant, the website is simple and effective. The parallax and the attention-grabbing colours let the visitors discover fresh and delicious looking food.

6. Big Apple Hot Dogs

This time the pictures are replaced by illustrations, presenting the menu in fun and interactive ways. The animations are of a little sausage character, undressing and providing you with short messages as you scroll.

7. Le Serpent

The design of this site is just like its name: stealthy and psychedelic . The snake restaurant plays with simplicity and space to highlight the most relevant information. A minimalist achievement that gives a nice result!

8. L'incrédule

Unbelievable: (adj) too dubious or improbable to be believed. Despite the site’s theme, we totally believe in this site. The slideshow sets the tone for a fun and friendly atmosphere.

9. Caravan

Like the company, this website is divided into two sections, one for the roastery and the other one for the restaurant. Moving from one to the other, the elements of design are reversed to provide customers a new dynamic. The website contains very few photographs, but the typography of its tabs and information gives it the charm of an old newspaper.

10. Cantilever

Let’s now plunge into the atmosphere of a shop of the 30’s. With portraits, illustrations and the menu all written on a blackboard, the site transports us to an older, familiar world. The Icing on the cake is the parallax effect, which brings the site a touch of modernity and dynamism.

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