10 Best free stock photo websites for your inspiration

All designers will tell you, finding good-quality images often proves to be a difficult task, almost an unsolvable puzzle. From the low-resolution image of a slice of Swiss cheese to the over-priced snapshot of a simple staple, you are one step away from giving up on your project.

Don’t despair! Leeroy has selected 10 of the best sites for free and non-copyrighted photos for inspired designers. Whether for the design of a new website, to enhance a package of fresh pasta, or to enrich your fashion blog, you will find all that you need here.
A wide selection of beautiful pictures in high quality for personal as well as professional use. Lifestyle, epic landscapes, textures… very useful resources of a quality that is pleasing to the eyes! Enjoy!

1. Unsplash

A wide range of high-resolution photos, a sleek website promoting the importance of the images and giving them high visibility. Snapshots full of emotion shared by talented photographers. Once you have registered your email address, you can access 10 new photos every 10 days.

Life of Pix

A good selection of free and high-resolution pictures for all your projects. Powered by Leeroy, the site is enjoyable to use and allows targeted research throughout its various categories.

3. Little Visuals

Little Visuals send you a selection of 7 photos in high quality after registration. The site offers beautiful photographs and keyword searches make for easy navigation.

4. I'm free

The best concentration of keywords from among our selections. A wide range of categories and subcategories allowing targeted and effective research.

5. Death to the Stock Photo

Lifestyle photos, at work… in high-resolution and in good taste. Get a great selection of images from Allie and David every month, creators of the project Death to the Stock Photo.

6. Superfamous

One of our favourites! A wide selection of photos always nice to look at, lots of texture and care in the creation of the snapshots. A sleek website highlighting the images with good ergonomics allowing for easy searches.
Here, Superfamous Studios offers us a great example of an on-line collection of photos.

7. Splitshire

A nice collection of photos. Simple and straightforward navigation, comprising numerous categories embellished daily by new snapshots.

8. Wefunction

Inspired by Unsplash and Little Visuals, completely free photo packs offered in high-resolution.

9. Gratisography

A selection of beautiful photos for use in personal as well as professional projects.

10. Jaymantri

Very nice site thanks to its easy navigation and pride of place given to the images. Also inspired by Unsplash, it offers high-resolution photos each week.

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