A new virtual try-on user experience

VU Optometrist

Creation, design, web development

Develop and create a new virtual try-on user experience that would boost drive-to-store when buying high-end frames online

This website, designed with an e-commerce approach, lets customers reserve their favourite frames online, make an appointment for a real-time eye exam and then allows the store’s staff to prepare the selected eyeglasses for the customer.

We wanted to simplify customer conversion and attract new prospective buyers to the store

By using an innovative online strategy, we were able to build a user experience that was natural and effectual. With the input of a focus group, our market analysis made it possible to gather valuable comments so that we could analyze the needs of the consumers accurately. Our work also consisted of merging the brand’s two sites (VU and Vusunglass) into one, while maintaining a high level of SEO performance.

The state-of-the-art facial recognition system is at the heart of this remarkable system’s digital strategy. The minimalist design reinforces the user experience, which places the frame on the user’s face with webcam video so customers can see themselves at all angles. The frames are also integrated on the platform to give a 360° view.