A visual identity powered by an interactive platform


Brand identity and website with 3D customization

In this niche small-volume printing market in Canada & the United States, it was essential that we create appealing, modern and realistic web graphics, as well as a GL Web compatibility design, created specifically for startups and designers.

Powered by Magento, we developed an immersive experience where users could create and customize packaging boxes. They can configure the type of box, size, colour, text and downloaded images to style the box and share it, all according to his/her own style. The web application uses a 3D box projection integrated into the platform, and also offers the option of creating the final visual including the die cut and die lines, ready to print in 2D.


Offer customizable boxes with 3D preview technology

Each of the six sides is customizable and gives the user an experience that is immersive, fun and interactive. The challenge with this platform was being able to install dynamic navigation, similar to what is offered with an app. 

This approach must be reconciled with the integration of numerous modules to design the box as they see fit, in a very simple way and to have the chosen quantity delivered to the purchaser. The app offers users a smooth and simplified experience thanks to the user-friendly tools.