Code Trauma

ClientCode Trauma

ProjectCreation of brand identity, campaign concept and website

RoleArt direction, UX-UI and web development

SpecsVue.JS, Wordpress, PHP

An initiative of the Montreal General Hospital Foundation, the Code Trauma program aims to educate the younger generations in understanding and avoiding risky behaviors, thanks in particular to numerous prevention programs.

The mandateThe Foundation was looking for a creative agency in Montreal to design a distinctive brand identity, create an impactful campaign concept and develop an interactive website intended for a young audience for its program.

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The visual identity

To develop this identity, we first had to analyze, understand and take ownership of the codes of the program’s target audience so that it could identify with the brand image and the program’s campaign. Code Trauma speaks to the younger generations in a direct, honest and crude way through a dark humor. Without any detour, the message must touch them emotionally and provoke an instant reaction.

The visual concept was developed to make a strong impact with raw images, the use of intense colors such as yellow and red, and a bold and uppercase typography.

A “graphic accident” in the logo brings all the emotional dimension to the project: working to avoid risky behaviors among young people and, therefore, incidents that can lead to trauma.

The website

The objectives of the site are multiple: to promote the various prevention programs and the recruitment of ambassadors in schools, to inform young people about the traumas and to collect quantified data through quizzes which, moreover, serve the virality of the campaign.

The use of GIFs, emojis, animations and a sarcastic and punchy tone makes it possible to communicate the importance of the subject and to easily reach a young audience. A unique experience is offered through tests, videos, testimonials and scenarios, throughout the site and makes it possible to demonstrate the impact of trauma due to risky behaviors.

Sections of the site, intended for teachers and parents, have been specially designed to offer essential support and resources to make young people in the school environment aware of the repercussions of traumatic events.

The quizzes

The integration of quizzes on the site not only makes it interactive and dynamic, but also collects essential data to allow Code Trauma to understand and better grasp the behaviour of young people.

Two types of “quiz” are offered to the user. The first type, made up of small A/B tests, more fun and entertaining, allows us to catch the eye and the interest of the visitors directly on the home page by proposing serious and impactful questions in a sarcastic tone. The other type, more formal, proposes structured quizzes about risk taking among young people and about their alcohol consumption, also suggesting resources to consult based on the results of each individual.

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