To keep the flame alive for the visual arts

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Ideation, Art Direction, Design, Development

For more than 160 years, people of all ages and backgrounds have been visiting the museum to discover a new passion or to keep their passion for the visual arts alive.

We were thrilled to have been mandated by the Museum to promote its permanent collection and further broaden the MMFA experience. Developing a campaign from such an inspiring playground was a true creative endeavour. We came up with a visual concept that was both eye-catching and versatile, and which was the basis for several other campaigns.

Culture as a Gift

« The Love of Fine Arts »

Membership is the backbone of any museum's good health. The concept of L’amour des beaux-arts (The Love of Fine Arts) lent itself perfectly to the acquisition campaign that preceded the holiday season, by proposing an original gift idea. In a clean and unpretentious style, a sense of belonging and accessibility was put forward with the catchphrase "Welcome home".

There's so much to love at the Museum, and everyone can find a style to connect with. 'The love of fine arts' is a concept that suggests art is accessible to all; that there's inevitably a piece that will resonate with us within its vast collection. It's an idea we could easily ride on, one that would indeed gain momentum in the near future.

A Social Museum

What better way to bring our permanent collection to life than to highlight it on social networks. An exciting campaign was designed, along with a contest to win a VIP membership that allows the winner to visit the Museum at any time.

Campaign strategy

An allegory of what goes on in the minds of our visitors in connection with art.