Fromagerie Victoria

ClientFromagerie Victoria

ProjectBrand identity creation and website redesign

RoleArtistic direction, UX-UI and web development

SpecsVue.JS, Wordpress, Bootstrap

Victoria for Victoriaville, of course, birthplace (according to Victoriavillois) of the famous poutine, and of our cheese factory. Since 1946, Fromagerie Victoria has been providing authentic dairy family recipes to its customers of all ages. Today, it is much more than a simple cheese curd manufacturer. In addition to homemade products, its many branches across the province also offer fast food services and a dairy bar.

The mandateThe company mandated us to redesign its brand image and website making its look as fresh as its tasty cheese. The goal? Gather customers and all new franchisees around a single distinctive graphic charter, both on the Web and on site.

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Appetizing content

A good mix of ideas allowed us to create content and advertising catchphrases highlighting the mouth-watering power of the brand. Four video capsules broadcast on TV and social networks were used to bring the key components - the boutique, the dairy, the restaurant and the famous cheese curd - to the general public.

The website: Surf your appetite

A website with a pleasant and fluid navigation was a must to meet Fromagerie Victoria's growth objectives. The new platform allows the user to navigate between the different branches’ menus in a simple and intuitive way. Bright colors, a well thought-out interface and gourmet images are sure to make consumers fall in love with the delights.

Brand identity

To enhance its notoriety, Fromagerie Victoria needed visual consistency in its branches, on its highway signs and on the Web. And nothing was left to chance: graphic designs for social platforms, advertising catchphrases, updated packaging and several photo shoots. Today, the cheese factory has a wide range of graphic material to whet its customers' appetites. No matter which way you go, you can recognize the brand at a glance.

The creamery that stands out

The creamery is like the cherry on the top at Fromagerie Victoria. Therefore, it was essential to put it forward by underlining its own colors and visuals. Today, with its fresh and dashing brand image, the creamery complements our favorite cheese shop's options thanks to its frosty wonders.

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