Fromagerie Victoria

ClientFromagerie Victoria

ProjectIdentity, Photography dir, Ad

RoleCreating a Visual Image

SpecsGraphic Charter, Marketing Strategy & Marketing Tools

The mandate: Fromagerie Victoria was looking for a franchise advertising agency capable of helping them develop an identity online and in person. They prioritized rebranding in order to align customers and franchisees in one graphic charter as the number of branches expands rapidly. We were also asked to focus on marketing and strategic tools to support the customer on an advertising media platform best suited for their needs. The project also involved creating a complete visual redesign of all communication tools that shape the brand universe. We have created visuals for social media, conceptualized advertising hooks and directed photographers to enhance the visuals’ quality using arrays of appetizing pictures for the web, printed and digital media.


The goal for the Fromagerie Victoria restaurant chain was to transform its visual image to make it increasingly attractive and up-to-date. We have established a new elegant photography direction in line with our strategic thinking to meet the mandate’s objective. Web content had to be created to spice up the brand's social media and establish a clear graphic direction. Declaring a strong identity, then illustrating the brand's menus with high-quality graphics was a key objective for the branding. The challenge was also to remain faithful to Fromagerie Victoria’s roots, established in 1946, while modernizing its design and logo. We had to make branding appropriate for a restaurant and develop a branch network that isn't immediately labelled as a simple cheese shop, rather as a fully-developed restaurant chain.

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