Web design meets architecture: 14 spectacular sites marvelously blending design and technology

An analogy can be established between building architecture and website architecture. Both have a notion of design and structuring of a space, whether physical or virtual, in order to attract the interest of the public.

In a world that is becoming increasingly ecologically aware, and constantly looking for innovations and sustainable solutions, consumers are turning to electric vehicles. To meet this growing demand, and thanks to constant technological advances, brands are competing with each other in terms of ingenuity to stand out. Bikes, boats, trucks, drones, scooters or electric cars, the variety of electric transportation means keeps growing, giving rise to beautiful creations of state-of-the-art websites.

Web designers embody this philosophy by creating websites that reflect the work of architects. They consider elements such as navigation, usability, user experience, information layout, visual consistency, and more. They create interfaces and content structures that meet the needs of users and provide an interactive and user-friendly experience.

The creative agency Leeroy offers you 14 of the most inspiring architecture websites of the moment. WebGL, parallax scrolling, hover effects... or when web architecture and physics become one. This digest of the best interfaces will inspire you! Enjoy.


A sophisticated landing page with a double scroll for original navigation and project discovery.

Lemay Michaud

Discover the product through a playful experience using 3D models and WebGL.


The uncluttered design, relatively deconstructed grid and unobtrusive animations transport you into the projects.


Rounded angles and scrolling animation, this website falls between a minimalist and retro approach with the typographies chosen to highlight craftsmanship.

Inform Architecture

Animations to reveal the elements and discover more.

Studio RHE

Horizontal scrolling for a change of scenery and the feeling of being in a unique catalog.

EJ Architecture

A UX and UI that are both constructed and deconstructed according to an exploded grid and a variety of typographies that reveal creativity.

Saul Rhand

In a modern, discreet and relatively timeless portfolio style - the parallax and display elements make an impact

Rose Island

A dynamic, colorful design accompanied by 3D modeling to highlight the project itself.

Vita Architecture

Typographic play and animation against a background of deconstructed grids and hypnotic scroll effects.

Make it simple

An immersion into their brand universe, with video, animation and illustrations.

Revery Architecture

An experience that truly immerses you in the world of architecture, with a structuring double scroll that highlights remarkable projects.

Koichi Takada

An elegant, simple and modern site with efficient navigation.

MG Architecture

Simplified navigation to make it easier to discover projects.

Honorable mention also to these 3 sites in related fields, which came to light during our research.

Office Stud

WebGL for product presentation.

Skolkovo Park

Visit neighborhoods using 3D models… A must see!

This is magma

Creation of digital twins of a building using web3 principles.

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