Top parallax creative sites for web designers

Leeroy has selected its top 10 parallax-intensive web pages to inspire web designers to create modern websites. There is no specific order or ranking. We have added a few design comments, but see for yourself. Enjoy Parallax! Not always mobile friendly. You may need to allow pages enough time to load!

What is parallax? Based on Wikipedia, Parallax is a displacement or difference in the apparent position of an object viewed along two different lines of sight. The optical concept has been studied for centuries by astronomers, photographers and militaries. More recently video game designers have used the parallax effect to make backgrounds move at a different speed then foregrounds thus creating a 3D simulation or impression. For web designers and front-end integrators parallax effect allows web pages to become more interactive. Scrolling is used to create the parallax effect or other animations like displacements, vertical, horizontal or diagonal, frame by frame video-type animations, appearance or disappearance of any web objects. Parallax makes websites more creative, fun and interactive. It brings a whole new world of possibilities for those than can be infinitely creative. Perfectly suitable for storytelling, journeys, demos, presenting products with features, visiting or learning. Many car manufacturers, movie promoters, consumer electronics companies just to name a few have embraced the trend.

1. Sony Discovery - “We are engineers, but also artists”

Amazing parallax decomposition of the screen while scrolling, detailed building of camera lens and phones as we scroll, smart embedded videos, technical features such as waterproof, amazing 3D models animated frame by frame for wood structure of Sony Speakers…

2. Killing John.F Kennedy - Rendez-vous with Death by National Geographic

For the great storytelling with music & parallax, AWWWARDS and FWA site of the day, cool 2D interactive mouse effect in both direction, elegant photo albums with pictograms, vertical slicing of images in lieu of transition for photographies…

3. Life of Pi's Epic Journey - Creating the Unforgettable With Richard Parker

Use of parallax for movie storytelling with rich media, great use of frame by frame clips animated as you scroll down, multiple making-of videos spread through the parallax journey like the wave tank in Taiwan, creative right side-bar appearing as you scroll down, and even pivoting in 3D with statistics…

4. Pollen London - Playing Fashion & Carine Marque Lingerie

5. Keeker Helmet - Where Your Imagination Becomes Reality

6. GMC Sierra - Incredible Thinking, See how it was inspired

7. University of Oregon Gridion - The Future of Football

8. GLA Class Mercedes benz - The Forgotten Roadtrip with Ryan

9. Top of the Lake Serie - By Jane Camion and Gerard Lee

10. MX263 - Traveling with an MX at all times is mandatory

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