The mesh of talents, our creative core

Convince humans, create memorable experiences, act with passion. We cultivate this wish to be a vector of emotions for each challenge. The agency core—our collective soul— is shaped with tightly knit teams that combine strategy, creativity and reactivity to guarantee a fresh look, a sharp vision and a clear perception of your expectations.

Our agency’s driving force

Our agency owes its success to our team. Their close relationships and synergy are the driving force behind the agency. Passion motivates us, emotions bring us together and our values unite us. Leeroy’s team is made up of diverse profiles that flow into each other, intersect and unfold into an exceptional DNA that ignites every project we take on.

Shuffle the team

Romuald Gaboriau

Front-End Developer

Jean-François Lachapelle

Team Lead, Front-End Developer

Samantha Pavlic

Digital Coordinator

Annye Légaré

Team Lead, Account Director

Léa Cluzel

Web Project Coordinator

Marc Giroux

Lead Architect Digital Solutions, Back-End Developer

Tifany Dianez

Account Director

Jennifer Randazzo

QA Analyst Supervisor

Gabriella Scali

Graphic Designer

Manon Hascoat

SEO Specialist

Pierre-André Roy

President & CEO

Éloïse Simon

Graphic Designer

Coralie Noé

Creative Director

Gabrielle Arena

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Vincent Rousset

Artistic Director

Simon Rock

Web Project Manager

Grace Lee

Front-End Developer

Coline Dauguet

Team Lead, Web Artistic Director

Antoine Chouinard

Back-End Developer

Mathilde Bault

Team Lead, Operations Manager

Gaël Brunhes

Director, Project management

David Malo

Front-End Developer

Philippe de Launière Bédard

Team Lead, Back-End Developer

Mathilde Palacio-Tellier

Talent & Culture Manager

Lucie Chabaud

Web Project Manager

Olivier Delorme

Lead Autodesk, Front-End Developer

Nicholas Charbonneau

Technical Director

Clément Tribouillard

Back-end developer

Nicole Tarazi

Partner, Vice-president

Thibaut Foussard

Practice Lead, Front-End & WebGL Developer

We’re more than an agency, we’re family.

When you walk into the Leeroy offices, there is a positive vibe in the air: that is the aura of our team working as one. We bring out of the best in each other and we use our talents to shape the beautiful projects that you entrust to us.