ProjectCorporate branding, Blue Tide product branding, Blue Tide & Royal Harbour Seafoods packaging, product and advertising photo shoot, corporate tools, website, e-commerce

RoleIdeation, Art Direction, Design, Development, Programming

A mandate renewed for more than 10 years with our agency.

Lagoon Seafood's products have been part of our lives for several decades now. Large chains and wholesalers know that they can rely on the freshness and quality of its seafoods. Based in Montreal, the parent company orchestrates the distribution, import, export and transformation of all these delicacies that are present in the kitchens of great chefs, parents and amateur cooks every day.

The mandateMaking a good first impression is important. The website, as well as the Blue Tide and Royal Harbour brand identities, were in need of a makeover. So we set sail for this great challenge! The aim was to highlight Lagoon Seafood’s values, quality and reliance, through its products.

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Blue Tide: a marine breeze

Enhancing a brand image as emblematic as Blue Tide can not be taken lightly. Given that the products are largely marketed to the food service industry, distributors, and renowned retailers such as Adonis, we wanted a strong image combined with a fresh and sleek look.

A range of light blues and flying seagulls refer to the freshness of a sea breeze. In order to highlight the link between Blue Tide and Lagoon Seafood, its title was also added to the logo.


Royal Harbour: refined exclusivity

Acquired by Lagoon Seafood, Royal Harbour has long been associated with traditional products, for the exclusive use of retailers and large-scale distribution. In order to stand out from competitors even on the shelf, we set our sights on redesigned packaging in vibrant colors. A photo shoot also allowed us to harmonize the graphic material for Web, print and digital usage. The simple product images prove that the quality and freshness need no artifice. The result? A look that's rejuvenated, but still classic and refined.

We will soon continue our collaboration with Lagoon Seafood with the development of a packaging line for their ready-to-eat meals.

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