The ultimate top 12 most inspiring companies making our world a better place

These 12 top companies are achieving this inspiring goal of making our world a better place by combining pioneering and spectacular ideas with exemplary execution. Whether in their success comes from their values advocating for social responsibility, their search for excellence or their audacity to think outside the beaten paths, more companies like these are desired throughout the world. Some are already well known established companies whereas others are newer in age and notoriety.

We hope you will be inspired as we are!

1. Tom's Shoes

For the equity model: TOM’S shoes gives away a pair of shoes for each pair sold. They also had a recent initiative in which people could post a barefoot instagram photo to have TOM’s shoes give a pair of shoes. They donated 240K shoes in less than one month.

2. Apple

For inspiring creativity decade after decade.
Computer typography: They were the catalyst for many typographies such as Apple Garamond and Apple Myriad and replaced the MPV (monospace) fonts from characters of different widths, also called proportional fonts.
Mouse: Apple redesigned the technology and made it affordable and practical to consumers.
Ipod: They practically monopolized digital music players and set the new standard for their competition.
Iphone: Apple was the first company to introduce a large touchscreen for direct finger navigation.
The Ipad and Iwatch are other notable devices introduced in a practical and designed way by Apple.

3. Google

For technology & ambition.
Google Car: The autonomous car.
Google Contact Lens: Smart lens to assist people with diabetes by constantly measuring the glucose levels in their tears.

4. Airbnb

For challenging the restrictive laws and allowing us to better travel.
800,000 listings, 20 millions of users.

5. Clif's Bar

To illustrate the determination of the owner: Gary Erickson refused to sell for 120 millions dollars.

6. Tesla

For making electric car technology open source and a new battery technology to power entire houses. Wow!

7. Gravity Payments

For establishing an equity model for its’ employees (minimum wage of 70,000$).

8. Cirque du Soleil

For bringing the circus to the forefront of entertainment in world dominated by the ‘small screen.’.
Guy Laliberté : From clown to billionaire.

9. Zappos

For having the vision to integrate an anti-hierarchical business model, thus making Zappos a team oriented work environment.

10. Brilliant Earth

For their commitment in providing conflict­free jewellery.

11. Flowers for Dreams

For making school more accessible by donating a backpack full of school supplies to students for every bouquet sold.

12. United Colors of Benetton

For their sustainable approach and cooperation via their core concept to “unite” the people of different races for the sake of tolerance, union and diversity.

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