Top canadian lifestyle fashion influencers

For many fashion brand, influencer marketing is at the fore-front of advertising campaigns. Naturally, in fashion any additional visual advertising is welcome and encouraged. However, choosing the right influencers to work with, and having assurance of the outcome are two crucial aspects of this tool. These two characteristics can be monitored by agencies or specialists who know these influencers and have worked with them in the past. Indeed the process of selecting the influencer for a fashion brand is threefold: aesthetics/creativity — associations/standards — followers/audience.

In other words, the influencer will be evaluated based on his or her feed’s aesthetic, on his or her other brand associations (fashion or not), and his or her followers (in terms of age, ethnicity, background and location).

This evaluation will allow the brand to access the added-value it will gain, regarding creative assets around the new campaign, the standard of the asset based on who else has trusted them, and the new audience they will reach.

#1 Haley Estrada (@haleyestrada)

She has a minimalist aesthetic that catches a user’s attention. She is unique in her style, with a clear eye for composition and fashion design.

#2 Shayna Wiwierski (@shayna_apopofcolour)

Her colourful feed and smooth coherent mixture of posts are attention grabbers to any user. She clearly has knowledge of design, fashion, and a knack for capturing effortless moments.

#3 Tanya Mal (@stripesnvibes)

She has a simple and light approach that makes her stand out. Her feed is beautifully laid out. Also, she has a clear eye for photo composition. Her page is effortless to skim through.

#4 Natalie Ast (@natalieast)

She has great composition, and ability to capture mondain moments and turn them into artistic/fashionable posts. Additionally, she has a keen sense of colours and posing concepts. Her feed has various post styles in various environments and yet it all blends together beautifully. She also has a strong fashion sense.

#5 Anna Ruck (@struckblog)

Her reliability and ability to capture life moments with style are the key reasons her Instagram feed stands out. She manages to show various styles, aesthetics, and environments without it becoming jarring to viewers.

#6 Natalie Ho (@mylittlesecrets_ca)

She has an eye for spotting shooting locations with “instagrammable” aesthetics. Her light and colourful feed is a pleasure to skim through. She has gift with picking fashionable outfits.

#7 Leonie Pelletier (@leoniepelletier)

Leonie’s strength lies in her relatable charisma. She succeeds in demonstrating this throughout her feed. She maintains her authenticity through real moments and yet elevates the quality to a fashionable level.

#8 Marie France Pellerin (@mfpellerin)

Marie-France has a very strong brand. She does not shy away from adapting her sponsors to her aesthetic. She has a unique style of lighting, colour correcting, and editing. The mixture of lifestyle moments and fashion shoots give her feed an upbeat rhythm.

#9 Ana Cruz (@anacruz)

Ana gives her audience a glimpse into her life and guilty pleasures, which gives her an edge. Her personality comes through in her style and creativity. She uses colours, settings, and her passion for fashion to create a coherent Instagram flow.

#10 Anna Przezak (@working_chix)

Anna’s confidence comes through in her aesthetic and location choices. She also shows her caliber by being picky of whom she chooses to work with. The associated brands give her credibility and vice-versa. Her high fashion style, and understanding of the importance of the overall feed’s apparence, put her on top.

#11 Mitra Barber (@leopardcouture8)

Mitra has a warm and crisp aesthetic which stands out. Each one of her posts is unique and tells a story on its own. Shots are carefully composed, thought-through and executed. She has great ideas for locations and poses.

#12 Justine Brouillette (@justinebrouill)

Justine has a gift for poses and photography. Her feed is appealing and easy to skim through. Her posts have awesome composition, interesting contrasts, and unique creativity. All of which really show off her personality. She has a personal sense of fashion style which makes her an intriguing associate.

#13 Viviana Torez (@vivitowers)

Vivi’s posts are crisp and sharp, rendering them attention-grabbers. Each one stands on its own without disrupting the feed. She has a terrific balance of lifestyle, design, and fashion related posts on her feed. She has a flair for capturing moments in an authentic, yet stylish manner.

#14 Jennifer Ashley (@pldetails)

Ashley’s signature is her colour palette. This pastel pink makes her stand out, and gives her feed a rare flow. Her lifestyle posts portray moments effortlessly in an authentic and beautiful manner.

#15 Ariane Svatina (@arianesvatina)

Ariane’s raw, minimalistic and bold aesthetic is exceptional. She marries locations, concepts and lifestyle through colouring, editing and disposition. Further than a keen eye for composition, she has graphic design talent. She blends her DNA to brand’s she collaborates with.

#16 Carli Van Heerden (@thecarlivh)

Each of Carli’s posts are engaging in their own right. She fits many different styles and atmospheres in her feed without being messy or disruptive. She has a true sense of what her audience wants.

#17 Tonina Baratta (@diaryofacurvygirl_)

Tonina’s strength does not lie in her composition, aesthetic, design or creativity. It solely lies in her ability to engage her audience with honesty, authenticity and transparency. She stays true to who she is and her purpose. Her engagement rate and reach are unparalleled.

#18 Mlle Geri (@mllegeri)

Mlle Geri is a lover of the arts and shows it thought her feed by supporting artists. As a fashion lover she includes herself in these artists. She stays true to herself and adds her own twist to every collaboration. Her engagement rate is high.

#19 Holly Horvath (@teachme_style)

Holly’s approach is fashion first. Although the lifestyle aspect of her brand is present, the clothes take precedence. Each post stands on its own, and she has clear knowledge of locations.

#20 Amanda Reid (@rcitystyle)

Amanda’s clean and bright approach makes her stand out and gives her feed a unique style and flow. She divides her posts into four categories: design, lifestyle, motherhood, and “me”. These layers make her relatable and authentic to her audience.

#21 Winnie Wang (@winnspiration)

Winnie aligns the outfit with the location. Her photo composition relies heavily on the location blending or helping the outfit pop. The elements in her photos remain simple and few, this is all thought-through to attract the audience’s eye where she wishes.

#22 Vickie Laliotis (@vickielaliotis)

Vickie’s feed is very engaging and flows nicely. She likes to vary her posts (lifestyle / fashion / other) to give her audience a better idea of what she is about. She uses textures to link her posts rather than concept or colours.

#23 Samantha Cutler (@thefitfatale)

Samantha’s focus beyond fashion is fitness. However this does not take away from her sense of fashion style. Her feed represents her life in an aesthetic way.

#24 Stesha Jordan Puckett (@stesharose)

Stesha’s beautiful flow comes from marrying colours and textures. Each post is considered as part of her storytelling approach. She divides her focus between motherhood - lifestyle - fashion.

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