The 10 most inspiring agency sites for the production of video and special effects

Web design evolves constantly, and very quickly. Every year, new trends emerge but trends evolve while others disappear.

Video and special effects production agencies need to make their websites stand out by quickly posting their videos in a fluid way. At 1 click, the site must allow access to a video or a segment of a video to attract potential clients who could be interested in the agency. The stakes are high speed of loading, reading fluidity, and intuitive navigation are all essential.

So when it comes to sites in the field of video production and special effects, website design must be especially enticing and attractive. That’s why we have selected the 10 most inspiring agency sites, those that do the best job of showcasing their creations in the fields of video and special effects production. Of course the designs are all attractive and they all share a certain simplicity, but all the magic lies within the content of the videos.


Highlighting realizations through typography, simple navigation with an intuitive scroll, and full-screen visuals.


Clean design and highlighted photos. Very good use of a shared screen: the name of the project on one side and the corresponding visual on the other.

Eagle Films

Interesting use of parallax and fluid navigation.

Edison Lab

Design and music that transports us into a whole other world, intriguing and colorful.


Very good use of before/after post production that makes you want to know more about each project.


Design videos on this site highlight video production techniques.


Special effects, originality, and attractive videos are the central elements on this site.

Oxen Made

Streamlined design-in-motion accompanied by projection of jerky videos.


The design of this site is composed mainly of a succession of videos and text with striking typography that plunges us directly into the universe of special effects.


Visual impact and simple navigation that allow us to directly access relevant content.

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