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In a world where the consumer has a wide selection of options, simply having a good product isn’t enough anymore. Having thorough knowledge of the food industry, and of its trends and terminology is indispensable if you want to get your message across, attract clientele and build customer loyalty. LEEROY is consistently on the lookout for market trends and understands what the requirements and actors at play are.

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Strategy and image consulting
Visual identity
Advertising tool creation
Showcase websites and e-commerce
Digital campaign
Video and motion design

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Food goes hand in hand with joy and good times. When it comes to this industry, consumers are really just seeking authenticity. This is why our client’s values and personality are the cornerstones on which we design our communication strategy. We work to preserve the seriousness of the food industry without ever neglecting the fact that it is a daily source of enjoyment.

LEEROY helps you get a full picture of your project. We’re here to help you create a long-term relationship between your product and your customer which is precisely why we use 360 marketing strategies and design all necessary tools for brand development.

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